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Personalization is the shiny center of the uMarketingSuite. In your content's oasis on your website, our algorithms will help your visitor find the content that is right for them at the right time.


Customize your content

Umbraco's power is it's usability and the ease with which content can be edited. By reusing existing Umbraco concepts, it's a piece of cake to personalize the content. Using the splitview, it's easy to survey the content for all your visitors including the exceptions you create for specific personas or customer journey phases.

Download the uMarketingSuite Personalization Canvas

Not all your content is relevant for all your visitors. If we would be able to divide them in smaller audiences with different interests we would be able to serve them even better. This brings us to the following questions you should be able to answer;

  1. Do you know who your target audiences are?
  2. Do you know what each audience would like to hear from you?

Don’t be worried if you are not able to answer these questions right away. Simply follow the next steps to get started anyway. Already answered these questions? Then proceed directly to setting up the personas in uMarketing Suite. To get easily started we’ve created this uMarketingSuite Personalization Canvas – Download it for free!

Explicit personalization

By default, you will have access to a lot of characteristics of your visitors. Examples are the time at which they visit a specific page, the location of the visitor, how they got onto your website, what device they are using and whether or not they have visited before. These variables can be used for so called 'explicit personalization'.  With uMarketingSuite, you use all these variables to personalize your content and make it more relevant to your visitor.

Implicit personalization

But what about personalization based on implicit, unspoken  elements? Like current clicks, the visited pages and the behavior exhibited on the page. Based on these, uMarketingSuite will make a prediction of what the visitor is looking for and we will attempt to determine the matching persona and customer journey phase. With powerful, build in algorithms uMarketingSuite offers this implicit personalization.

Relevant in every step of the customer journey

Every visitor will partake in the 'customer journey' before conversion happens. Based on their behavior on your site it is possible to predict which phase they are currently in. The user reading a F.A.Q. about the terms and conditions regarding product delivery is in a different step of the customer journey than a user browsing your product pages.

By determining what phase your visitor is currently in, the user can be tempted into conversion by offering better, more relevant content. uMarketingSuite will make sure the content is easily optimized for just that.

By default, Google's 'See-Do-Act-Care' model is used, but you can fully tweak it to your liking. If your ideas about your visitors customer journey differs, or if you have a unique customer journey for each persona, uMarketingSuite will offer you the flexibility to set it up however you like.

For specific personas

Different visitors have different needs. But, some groups do have similar needs. We call these groups, personas. You can manage and create personas in uMarketingSuite with ease.

Based on collected data of your John and Jane Does, uMarketingSuite will keep track of what sort of behavior they exhibit and will try to determine if this matches one of your personas. Using this data the page can be personalized in realtime.

And for ad-hoc segmentation

But what if you have something very specific, not tied to a persona or customer journey phases, that you wish to personalize? uMarketingSuite offers you the ability of ad-hoc segmentation. It offers unprecedented flexibility to personalize your pages however you like.

Easy to get started

Applying a full personalization plan to your website is complex. uMarketingSuite will give you the option to quickly start using ad-hoc segmentation based on a couple of personas. When your website gets more content, you can add more personas allowing you to keep expanding your personalization efforts.

Start small, think big!

Powerful algorithms out of the box, or implement your own

uMarketingSuite has developed its own algorithm. Based on this, implicit personalization is applied. But, if you have a better algorithm that better matches your need, or more variables to use (like a link with a CRM, Machine Learning capabilities or other datasets you wish to employ) you easily implement your own.

Granular analytics

By default the power of the personalization algorithm is constantly improved by integrating uMarketingSuites Analytics feature. This way, your algorithm will keep getting better and better allowing you to improve your site's personalization further.

Overview of all your content

Using the power of Umbraco, it is easy to survey all the different content variations of your pages. It also allows you to quickly and easily preview your pages while you are implementing your content strategy.

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