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Personalization is the shiny center of the uMarketingSuite. In your content's oasis on your website, our algorithms will help your visitor find the content that is right for them at the right time. 


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Enhance your Umbraco-website with smart personalization

Always aim for the best with your Umbraco-website, and use personalization to make it even better:

  • Want to change content based on where visitors are from to make the site more relevant?
  • Looking to create messages that change depending on what users do on your site?
  • Ready to change how people find their way around your site, based on what they like?

uMarketingSuite makes it easy to add these personalized touches. You can quickly set them up, helping you understand what works best on your website and make it even better!

Customize your content in a few clicks

Personalization is a key element in digital marketing. By sending messages that are both relevant and personal, you establish a connection with your audience. This not only builds a stronger relationship but also leads to increased conversions.

The strength of Umbraco lies in its user-friendly nature and the simplicity of content editing. With uMarketingSuite, personalizing content becomes effortless:

  • Seamless integration with existing Umbraco features
  • Split view feature to easily manage content for all visitors
  • Tailored experiences for specific personas or the customer journey stages

How you personalize content with uMarketingSuite

Leon de Wildt will demo how to easily apply personalization using uMarketingSuite.

Curious about all personalization possibilities?

Book a free demo! The uMarketingSuite allows you to optimize your Umbraco website and turn it into a marketing machine! In this free demo, we will give you an overview of the features within the uMarketingSuite and discuss any questions you might have!

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Key features of uMarketingSuite

  • Easy editing and content management
    Setting up personalized features on your site is as easy as editing a page in Umbraco. You can see the changes immediately with a split-screen view and options for CSS/JavaScript.
  • Customize your own lead scoring model
    Adjust the lead scoring to fit your business goals and the steps of your customer journey(s). This makes sure it matches what's unique about your business.
  • Flexible segmentation with many options
    Use our standard options or add your own, like connecting to a CRM or other data sources, to make segments that meet your specific needs.
  • Fast and clear reports for better understanding of your visitors
    Quickly see how personalized versions of your website are performing compared to the standard version.

Free Personalization Canvas

Not all your content is relevant for all your visitors. If we were able to divide them in smaller audiences with different interests, we would be able to serve them even better. Therefor, it is smart to create different personas, this will help you target your users better and make better decisions. 

Need some help? Download the free personas tool and get started. 

Download Personalization Canvas

Wondering what else you can get out of uMarketingSuite?


Whether you want to work with personas, segments and/or tags (or in combination); start serving personalized content right-away. Engaging visitors has never been easier.

A/B Testing

Want to boost the performance of your content? Simply select your target audience, set your goals and instantly start improving conversion.

A/B testing
Umbraco Analytics

Bring the data where you need it the most; inside Umbraco. Our server-side analytics approach guarantees the highest data quality possible. Get ready for data driven content marketing!

Digital Analytics
360° profiling

Real-time insight in the visitors and customers on your website. From prospect value to the types of devices they are using; it's all there. Now you know how to be relevant!

360° Profiling

Simply connect your marketing campaigns to uMarketingSuite and bundle your online efforts and insights. Follow up running campaigns seamlessly within your website.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the holy grail for many marketeers when it comes to marketing. To implement this to its fullest capabilities, all features surrounding Analytics, profiles and personalization need to be in tip top shape. Stay up to date about this feature. 

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