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A/B testing

By combining Umbraco’s ease of use with the powerful uMarketingSuite algorithms, you can set up a/b tests within minutes.


Everybody should test (their website)

You always strive for the best possible results with every site you make. But, like any experienced marketeer you know there’s always room for improvement. Want to try and see if a different form gives more conversion? Need to determine if a change of title improves engagement? Or perhaps you simply want to check if another header image will provide better results...

Using the uMarketingSuite, setting up these tests can be done in the blink of an eye. Allowing you to quickly perform any test you wish to gather the data you need to make informed decisions.

Start testing within a minute

uMarketingSuite supports you, the marketeer, in your daily activities. Your idea for any a/b test, combined with your knowledge of Umbraco will let you set up your test within minutes.

In Umbraco, simply open the page you wish to test. Open the ‘uMarketing Suite a/b tests’ content app on the page and start testing.

Your original page will serve as your control group and will be shown on the left in the split screen display. On the right, you can set the individual properties you wish to change for your test.

This way, testing if your new button text, image or title provides better conversion results is super easy. We provide the tools while you provide the ideas and together, we will optimize your website!

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Statistically significant results

Well, the test has been set up, so show me those results! But, to provide accurate results we do need to be at least 95% sure if a certain variant actually works better. Only then can you call the result ‘statistically significant’. To reach this, you will need a lot of visitors, spread out over multiple days, times, browsers and locations. Once the conversion difference between the variations is large enough, and after each version has had enough visitors, you will reach the point where you can actually start making informed decisions.

We have automated all of the math for you. This means you can focus on what you are truly good at: coming up with new ideas to improve conversion and the content you wish to optimize.

As soon as you start the test, we will estimate how many days you will likely need to get accurate and reliable data. This will depend on several different factors.

All of these variables are used to make preliminary estimate as to the duration of the test. Start your test and lean back. We will keep you up to date in real time and will update our estimate of the duration daily. Depending on the variables, this means the duration can be shortened or increased.

  • the amount of variations you wish to test (the more variations you try out, the longer it will take each version to get enough visitors to give an accurate representation)
  • The difference between variations (adding an exclamation mark to a button is a difference, but how much that will influence your visitors is debatable)
  • The amount of visitors that visit the page (based on historical statistics)
  • The difference in conversion


Control your content with the a/b testing module

The a/b testing module of the uMarketingSuite will integrate seamlessly with Umbraco. Where before you needed to rely on your gut feeling when rewriting content, you can now test and check if it actually is better! This will allow you to avoid lengthy discussions with the content and marketing teams. Simply see what works better and let the numbers do the talking for you.

Starting a new test is as easy as editing a page in Umbraco. The moment you start a test, you are shown a split screen that allows you to enter your text and preview your changes.

Expert settings where needed

If you’re somewhat experienced and want full control over your test we will offer even more options. Want to influence which visitors will join the test? Not a problem! Increasing or decreasing the percentage needed to reach statistical significance? Done!

And, of course, you can log all of your hypotheses, thoughts and ideas in the tool. Allowing it to serve as a reliable log for the future.

Help where needed

Want to start a/b testing straight away, but lack experience? uMarketingSuite has your back. You come up with a variation and we will provide the best settings for your set up. You can start immediately without having to worry about the details.

Full control if necessary

You already can change each and every property in Umbraco. But what if you wish to go just a little bit further? Simply add some extra css, or even javascript. But keep in mind, with great power, comes great responsibility. Still, you know what you're doing. And there's always the handy preview function to make sure your test doesn't have any unintended side effects.

Per page, multiple pages or for your entire site

No longer will you need to write complex regular expressions to select the participating pages. No longer will you find out halfway through your test that some random page wasn't included. Because uMarketingSuite is fully integrated in Umbraco, it's never been easier to select which pages should be included in your tests.

Learn from the past, prepare for the future

When you start a new test, you will be provided with an overview of all previous tests for the page. This way, you can gather inspiration for your new test, learn lessons from the past and make full use of all of your previous experience.

All of this is combined with a nifty and visual overview, with screenshots, for both mobile and desktop versions of each of your variations.

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