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360° Profiling

Become more relevant by fully knowing and understanding your visitor, lead, or customer today!


"This is next level of dealing with Analytics and Profiles"

Profiles within uMarketingSuite are separated in 'Identified' and 'Unknown' profiles. Identified profiles are visitors, leads, or customers who are already identified by actions on your website or by external data from your CRM. Identifying profiles will help you become more relevant and help your visitors even better.

uMarketingSuite does not replace your CRM or Data Platform, it empowers it. See it as the next step between your current data and analytics. It gives your marketers and editors the tooling to interact with that data within your Umbraco Content Management System in an intuitive way. Becoming relevant through data has never been this easy.

Full profile insights

uMarketingSuite will give you 360-degree insights on profile level. Every little piece of data is used to give you the best insight possible. All with the goal in mind to become more relevant and valuable for each visitor, lead, or customer.

No need to develop or code anything, it comes out of the box!

Background Fingerprint

Built-in activity tracking

Every session, pageview, goal, scroll movement, engagement, and many other events are being visualized on profile level.

Relive the journey your visitor took and see where you can improve your service or actually see what they saw before they reached out to you. Becoming relevant has never been easier within your Umbraco project.

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