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Umbraco HQ uses uMarketingSuite on its platforms


Umbraco is using uMarketingSuite

At Umbraco the marketing department is working daily to increase the position of the Umbraco platform as the most friendly CMS on the planet. But, as every marketer does, these marketers want to get to know their audience better, they want to increase insights and conversion rates and be able to steer upon results as well.

And that was exactly why Umbraco started a pilot project in cooperation with uMarketingSuite. Their main objectives were to improve A/B testing and implement personalization on a bigger scale. And uMarketingSuite seemed ideal to make it work.

Easy to use

With other tools, offered by the big cowboys, you as a marketer are limited in regards to number of tests, design and lots of other restrictions. In comparison to these huge packages uMarketingSuite felt like a relief. According to Lars Skjold Iversen, Team Lead Team MADD (Marketing, Automation, Data & Design): “this marketing toolbox is native to Umbraco and much easier to use for other teammates. Because it’s less technical other editors also experienced how easy this toolbox is to use. And with an entire marketing team of fifteen, of which nine editors, we don’t want to spend time in figuring out how a marketing tool works. Because that’s a waste of time. Another huge reason why we love uMarketingSuite is that it's server-side, without all the hassles of setting that up ourselves. Previous tools we used were all client-side, which meant we had to worry about additional anti-flicker scripts or design our tests to not change any content that was above the fold. These limitations are gone with uMarketingSuite and we as marketers, as well as our website users, get a better experience now".

“This marketing toolbox is native to Umbraco and much easier to use for other teammates.”

Persona segments to offer the right content

Because Umbraco offers a user-friendly CMS to lots of organizations worldwide, it is difficult to address all specific user needs and implement this by using huge scale enterprise oriented systems. We want to trial and error and setup multiple persona segments and use all ingredients to offer the right content at the right time for the right person, and in the case of Umbraco, in the right language. Furthermore we’re fan of content scoring. With uMarketingSuite we’re able to score content indicating visitors on our website.

"uMarketingSuite is intuitive and simple to use"

uMarketingSuite is very intuitive and quite simple to use. The marketing department in Umbraco has a wide mix of roles, not all having any prior experience with A/B testing, or personalization. But that's not hindering them to use uMarketingSuite. Recently, Lars had an intro session with a few team members, and after just 45 minutes they were ready to create personas, score content, and even set up their own A/B tests. “I can't put it better than what one of the team members said to me after the session: "It feels just like Umbraco"”. Another great benefit is that you don't have to learn how to use a new editor when creating your A/B tests. You can use the same Umbraco implementation you are used to when creating content, and the split-view editing makes it easy to see what part you're editing. And if you want to do Document Type tests it's also simpler for the developer, as they'll be working in a familiar environment.

"It feels just like Umbraco"

uMarketingSuite really feels like a comfortable suit

“At Umbraco we would love to be cookie free, feed our testing mentality and become the best of breed”, according to Lars Skjold Iversen. “We at Umbraco are ambitious and therefore we aim high. We want to grow our testing mentality, as a marketing team, and democratize testing in order to improve every bit we can. And therefor uMarketingSuite is a real outcome, especially for the conversion rate optimization.

Furthermore one of the pillars of the Umbraco marketing strategy is to personalize everything on the website, trying to prevent mass communications and customize for a better fit. In this area we want to become the best of breed. In the end we’re also dreaming of becoming cookie free and we really support uMarketingSuite in their way forward in creating alternatives for client insights, without sharing customer data with any third parties.

“At Umbraco we would love to be cookie free, feed our testing mentality and become the best of breed”

For Umbraco uMarketingSuite really feels like a comfortable suit, it feels right at home, especially for an Umbraco editor. It’s so integrated with Umbraco and you just set it up and it’s going. It’s easy accessible and not complex in the back office.

First tests running, content scoring

Umbraco just started to use uMarketingSuite and this really helps them further. “We already have our first test running, and we've set up content scoring to start collecting data to use for personalization later on.

After a couple of months we will be showing the first results, so please come back and visit this webpage in a couple of months.

Umbraco, the creator of our favorite CMS, is making use of uMarketingSuite on their main website (umbraco.com) and on their trial portal (try.umbraco.com). Behavioral visitor data is converted into personas, customer journey steps and, eventually into segments to make the next page or interaction even more relevant.

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