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Product update: Umbraco 11 and Google Analytics 4 support


Date: January 2023

In the uMarketingSuite 1.20.5 we have introduced full support for Umbraco 11 and Google Analytics 4. Next to that it is possible to customize which events are sent to the Google Analytics bridge.

Curious about the latest uMarketingSuite version? Go to Our Umbraco or install the latest package via NuGet.

Umbraco 11 support

After a month of testing after the release of Umbraco 11 we have released the official uMarketingSuite version which supports Umbraco 11.

Google Analytics 4 support (GA4)

For GA4 a different bridging file is required since GA4 is completely different from UA. In our documentation section you can find all the details.

If you enable Enhanced Measurement in GA4 a lot of events will be sent by Google automatically. Everything is an event in GA4 -- even pageviews.

uMarketingSuite already tracks many of the things Google measures when Enhanced Measurement is enabled, so our bridge will exclude the built-in GA4 events to prevent duplicate tracking. They will still be sent to Analytics so can be viewed there if needed. 

The following built-in GA4 events are excluded by the uMarketingSuite GA4 bridge:

  • click
  • file_download
  • form_start
  • form_submit
  • page_view
  • scroll
  • video_complete
  • video_progress
  • video_start
  • view_search_results

Note: this does mean if any of your custom events use one of the above event names they will also be ignored.

Google Analytics Event filter

If there are events you want to exclude from being sent to uMarketingSuite (other than the built-in GA4 events as discussed above) you can customize the behavior with a bit of custom JavaScript.

Say you want to exclude all events that have category "X" and action "Y" then you can add a piece of JavaScript to your website. You can find the documentation and a javascript example here.

Do you want to know more?

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Bugfixes / improvements in uMarketingSuite 1.20.5

  • Bugfix | Loading content apps in .NET 7

If you find any bugs? Please report them to us on Github: https://github.com/uMarketingSolutions/uMarketingSuite

Obtaining a license

Check out our pricing page on uMarketingSuite.com for a complete overview of the available bundles and pricing. Interested in becoming a uMarketingSuite partner with a lot of partner benefits? Go to our partner page.

What is next?

  • Reporting for Personalization
  • Improved reporting for Analytics

Curious what was previously added?

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