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Product update: Location and search term insights


Date: September 2023

In uMarketingSuite 1.24 we have added a location parameter and the location & search terms on profile level. Next to those new features we have added some additional product improvements.

Curious about the latest uMarketingSuite version? Install the latest package via NuGet.

Location parameter for segments

With the new location* parameter it is possible to personalize the experience of the visitor based on the location of the visitor. This can be done on country, state and/or city level.

Select the new Location parameter

Choose you country and state/city and you are good to go!

* A location provider needs to be connected to the uMarketingSuite, see this link for more information

Location on profile level

Within the uMarketingSuite for every visitor a profile will be build-up. Simply go to Marketing -> Profiles and select a profile. The next step is to choose Activity and here you can see the location of this visitor.

Search terms on profile level

In uMarketingSuite 1.24 it is possible to see the search terms performed by each visitor. Just go to Marketing -> Profiles and select the specific profile. In the new card Search terms you will see al the searches performed by this visitor.

Bugfixes / improvements

  • Improvement | Show video title on drilldown on video level
  • Improvement | Removed the bot tab on profile level
  • Bugfix | Prevent GA4 to collect events twice using GA4 bridge
  • Bugfix | Number of session not correct at Analytics Pageviews tab
  • Bugfix | Clear error message if no SQL Server database is selected
  • Bugfix | "Cache" keyword in connection string

If you find any bugs? Please report them to us on Github: https://github.com/uMarketingSolutions/uMarketingSuite

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Obtaining a license

Check out our pricing page on uMarketingSuite.com for a complete overview of the available bundles and pricing. Interested in becoming a uMarketingSuite partner with a lot of partner benefits? Go to our partner page.

What is next?

  • Headless support
  • Reporting API

Curious what was previously added?

Check out our product update blogs in our blog section.

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