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Privacy friendly analytics


Privacy friendly analytics

In today's digital world, data-driven insights have become a crucial element for marketeers and businesses looking to thrive in a competitive landscape. However, with the growing concerns surrounding user privacy and data protection, organizations must adopt privacy-friendly analytics solutions that respect user rights while complying with regulations like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

Understanding and benefiting from Privacy Friendly Analytics

As an organization, it is important to gather and analyze data in a manner that respects user privacy and protects sensitive information. Traditional analytics methods often rely on third-party tracking cookies, which can lead to privacy breaches and data misuse. With privacy-friendly analytics, you are able to prioritize the security of user data while obtaining valuable insights.

Moreover, GDPR compliant analytics are essential for organizations dealing with customers in the European Union, as it ensures adherence to data protection regulations and builds trust with users. Embrace privacy-friendly analytics to:

  • Gain invaluable insights into user behavior, website performance, and customer preferences
  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence
  • Build trust and foster customer loyalty
  • Create a positive brand image
  • Safeguard against data breaches and potential legal consequences

Experience "Privacy Verified" Excellence!

uMarketingSuite proudly holds the "Privacy Verified" certificate (download here). Our privacy-friendly Analytics Module tracks data server-side, using secure first-party cookies. Your customer data remains safe and private. Capture top-quality data efficiently, storing it in your website's database. The storage will be kept at a minimum, allowing you to maintain lightning-fast page speeds.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance now is a top priority for organizations worldwide. uMarketingSuite takes data privacy seriously and ensures GDPR compliance through various features and practices, such as our privacy-friendly analytics feature. 

Full controll over your own data

Fully in line with the GDPR guidelines, your valuable data will be securely stored in your database, without any sharing with third parties. You're in charge of where the data resides – it can be hosted in the same database as your website hosting or a separate one, giving you the freedom to make the best choice for your needs. Managing the database will be a breeze, as you retain full control over your own data.

You'll find your data visualized in the marketing section of your Umbraco CMS. You can choose to view analytics based on website or page level, empowering you to compare pages and optimize performance like a pro. But that's not all – the possibilities are endless with uMarketingSuite's additional JavaScript files. You'll be amazed at the wealth of visitor data you can capture, giving you deep insights into their behavior on your website. Discover what your visitors are truly doing, and let data drive your decision-making like never before.

Capture bot traffic 

Did you know that a staggering 60% of your website's traffic could be coming from bots? With uMarketingSuite's server side tracking, you're able to capture this bot traffic. From the famous GoogleBot and BingBot to lesser-known bots like YandexBot and BaiduBot, no bot can escape our watchful eye.

Here's the exciting part: the frequency at which bots visit a page is a direct indicator of its importance. Therefore, with the privacy-friendly analytrics module, you'll gain valuable insights into the significance of each page based on bot activity. Unravel the mystery behind your website's traffic and identify the pages that truly stand out.

Unlock a World of Insights

Unlock privacy-friendly analytics with uMarketingSuite. Embrace data control, visualization, and actionable insights in one package. Bid farewell to bot traffic mysteries and welcome a future of informed choices. Don't miss out! Book a demo or register for a license now! 

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If you have any questions about your privacy, uMarketingSuite or first-party cookies? Please feel free to reach out to us via info@umarketingsuite.com.

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