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uMarketingSuite Analytics vs. Google Analytics


Google Analytics has been under scrutiny for some time because of violating the privacy guidelines. In January, the Austrian Data Protection Authority decided  that the use of Google Analytics is no longer permitted in its current form. Meanwhile, the French, Italian and Danish Data Protection Authorities are  following Austria's example; they too prohibit the use of Google Analytics in its current form. More countries are expected to follow their example.

Protecting privacy
The first countries made their choice to ban Google Analytics individually, but the choices are in line with European legislation on protecting privacy.  The nature of the complaints was the same in all cases, so a working group was set up under the supervision of the European Data Protection Board. As a result of the investigation, the European Data Protection Board has come to the conclusion that Google Analytics cannot be used in its current form because it is contrary to European legislation.

As an organization, you want to continue to monitor the statistics of your website. With this data, you can assess where the website needs to be further optimized, but how do you do that if Google Analytics is banned? uMarketingSuite offers organizations an Analytics tool that complies with the European Privacy Legislation (GDPR). Through First-Party cookies, uMarketingSuite keeps track of the statistics and the ownership of the data lies with you. No data flows from the database to third parties, and the IP address of your visitor is anonymized. That makes uMarketingSuite very privacy-friendly!

The holy grail
Google Analytics has been the holy grail for marketers for a while when it comes to the statistics of a website. We have taken a good look at Google Analytics, and many functions can therefore also be found in uMarketingSuite. A big advantage is that marketers and editors  can view the statistics directly in Umbraco. So no extra dashboard is needed anymore.

First-party cookies
uMarketingSuite uses first-party cookies, the data is collected server-side. This means that you collect data of the highest possible quality.  About 15% to 30% more data is collected because of the server-side data collection. In addition to the statistics of the website, uMarketingSuite also keeps track of the statistics of (Umbraco) forms.  The data is collected down to the field level in a form. You can use the data to optimize your forms.

Built-in scroll heatmap
In addition to this module for Umbraco forms, uMarketingSuite also has a built-in scroll heatmap. Marketers no longer have to use extra tooling, because this works out-of-the-box!  It is possible to see the heatmap of a page on a desktop and the mobile version.

Same database
By default, all data is stored in the same database that the Umbraco database uses. It is also possible to select a separate database where all data is stored. The data is not shared with third parties and remains entirely yours. This distinguishes uMarketingSuite from tools such as Google Analytics, where the data is shared with third parties.

Curious about how uMarketingSuite Analytics can help you if Google Analytics is no longer permitted or do you want to work according to the GDPR guidelines? Don't hesitate and book your demo now or sign up for a license!

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