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The first UK partner – Northern Wolf – is joining uMarketingSuite


We are very pleased to announce that Northern Wolf is joining uMarketingSuite as a new partner. Northern Wolf, located in Birkenhead on the banks of the River Mersey across from Liverpool, is the first UK digital design studio with the ambition to take Umbraco to a whole new level. “We believe that uMarketingSuite is the gamechanger in Umbraco that marketeers need to help achieve their goals simply and effectively”, says Ric Carey, CEO of Northern Wolf.

“This is a gamechanger”

It’s thrilling to experience that more and more agencies around the globe are servicing their clients in their need to personalize content on their websites and platforms in a data-driven way.

Northern Wolf, Liverpool’s “go-to” agency for Umbraco

Northern Wolf is a digital design studio based in Birkenhead, UK. As a specialist in strategic website design in Umbraco, they help to meet their client’s needs by finding the ‘sweet spot’ between organisational goals (websites that convert) and strategic communication with audiences. As one of the leading Umbraco agencies in Liverpool City Region, Northern Wolf is driven to get the most out of the websites they build for their clients. They work with clients on a strategic level, and ultimately create website solutions which help their clients in achieving their goals. Ric Carey, CEO of Northern Wolf, says “Of course all websites should look nice, but they also need to perform as well as they should”.

For one of Northern Wolf’s clients, Made Smarter - a UK Government-backed programme to help manufacturers digitalize production lines, through the use of sensors, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, uMarketingSuite is set to become an essential part of their digital strategy.

“We want to make sure websites are performing as well as they can do” 

“This is the first client (hopefully of many) to use personalization and A/B-testing with a data-driven approach to strategy-led support. uMarketingSuite will be pivotal over the next few months to enhancing the user journey and increasing their conversion rate”.

“The sweet spot is in between conversion and communication”

With uMarketingSuite, we want to help our clients in achieving their goals - but maybe more importantly, we want to help the users visiting a website in having the best experience possible – we can only do that by tailoring their user experience based on data and analytics,” says Ric Carey, CEO of Northern Wolf.

Optimised websites through personalisation

As a strategic partner, Northern Wolf is certain that uMarketingSuite helps to continuously optimise their clients’ websites through the use of personas and A/B testing. uMarketingSuite offers the possibility to continuously monitor, test and optimize the website, thus enhancing user experiences. “Thanks to uMarketingSuite, we can make and implement the right decisions at the right moment.

“The right decisions at the right moment”

Get the most out of uMarketingSuite

We, at uMarketingSuite, celebrate every new partner that’s joining the movement. Partners of uMarketingSuite are the people who know best how to implement the tool. So, if you want to get the most out of uMarketingSuite, don’t hesitate to contact a partner. We have complete trust in all of our partners, and we strongly encourage any company to have one of our partners implement uMarketingSuite for you!

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us by sending an email. We appreciate your interest and are always in the mood to explain uMarketingSuite in more detail!




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