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Spring is in the air, join our innovation celebration


This week we celebrate spring by telling about the uMarketingSuite innovations.

Find out what’s new during the US Fest – 15th of April

We are very proud to have two speakers of uMarketingSuite presenting at the US Fest; the Umbraco Festival in the US. Jeffrey Schoemaker will deepdive into all technical possibilities with uMarketingSuite and Leon de Wildt will demonstrate why Umbraco is perfect to act as an Enterprise Platform.

Bring your Umbraco website to a whole new level

At 2:15 ET (20:15 CET) Jeffrey will tell you about bringing your Umbraco website to a whole new level with the uMarketingSuite! This presentation is for all Umbraco developers that want to bring their websites to a next level!

“Without writing any line of code, you get more marketing functionality than you could ever imagine” 

In this session we will, however, write new code to show you that with some extra coding, the sky is the limit! If you can imagine it, the uMarketingSuite and a few lines of code will make it possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • The uMarketingSuite is an all-in-one marketing toolbox for Umbraco websites
  • You can set it up in 20 minutes without writing any line of code
  • If you really want to bring it to a next level, you can write code to achieve that
  • This presentation opens up a whole new world for any Umbraco developer

Interested in this talks; register for the USFest

How to present Umbraco as the Enterprise solution

At 3:00 ET (21:00 CET) Leon will tell you all about Umbraco as the ideal Enterprise platform. In his role as a Smart Creative, he often gets in touch with the ‘Enterprise-platform-can-do-it-all mentality’ during a pitch or consultation. Marketing terms like A/B testing, Personalization, Segmentation, or Marketing Automation often lead to expensive and overwhelming Enterprise platforms. This session is about how he stands ground in boardrooms, the stories behind (award-winning) solutions, and his approach.

"Feel as confident as Leon in selling Umbraco as an Enterprise Platform"

Key Takeaways:

  • Feel as confident as Leon in selling Umbraco as an Enterprise Platform
  • Guaranteed improved chance of winning an Umbraco award by 50%

Interested in this talks; register for the USFest

Our partner webinar Tuesday – 13th of April

Tuesday 13th april our Dutch uMarketingSuite partner Intracto will give a webinar about personalization and analyzing the customer experience. It is in Dutch and scheduled at 9.30 CEST. Make sure you’ll be able to follow it! Intracto will showcase a proof of concept implementation they did for the Dutch Tennis Federation and is really worth watching if you’re interested in how to use the uMarketingSuite in real life.

“Discover the marketingpossibilities of uMarketingSuite”

In this webinar you will discover the marketing possibilities of uMarketingsuite for Umbraco, wherein you:

  • will learn how you can be more relevant to your users and customers;
  • will learn what the possibilities are in uMarketingsuite for Umbraco;
  • get a quick introduction to Umbraco and the effects on your online channels;
  • receive an objective analysis of whether the uMarketing suite is suitable for use. 
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