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The sunset of Google Optimize


In addition to Universal Analytics, Google has also decided to disable Google Optimize and Optimze 360. After September 30, all tests that are still running at that time will be stopped and all data collected with Google Optimize will become inaccessible. This means that you must have collected all data prior to this date because otherwise the data will be lost.

Retain ownership of your data
As an organization, you naturally want to retain ownership of your data. The results you have collected with Google Optimize can give you important insights into the optimizations within your website. It is therefore extremely annoying if this data can no longer be viewed. How cool is it if a tool helps you with these insights and where you also have ownership over the data yourself?!

A/B testing
You use A/B testing to test whether another variant might lead to more conversion. Ideal, for example, to test a different color or a different call-to-action. But what should you do if you cannot do that any longer with Google Optimize then? Then there are countless alternatives, but for Umbraco you of course use uMarketingSuite; the all-in-one marketing toolbox for Umbraco.

uMarketingSuite is fully integrated within Umbraco. In addition to Privacy-Friendly Analytics and personalization, the tool also allows you to set up an A/B test within a few minutes. Do you want to adjust the color of a button? Yes, you can! Or do you prefer to make it a bit more extreme and build a completely new variant of a page? No problem, done withing a minute! With uMarketingSuite, anything is possible.

Each A/B test is part of a project. When you want to test a part of the website, testing does not stop with only one test. Every A/B test is part of a project in which you prepare multiple tests to keep optimizing that part of your website. This will help you to keep everything clear and all data around the project is in one place. So you no longer need other dashboards because all information is transparent where you need the data most; in Umbraco.

Storing of data
A big advantage over Google Optimize is the way of storing the data. By default, the data that uMarketingSuite collects is stored next to the Umbraco database. Only you have access to this data and the data is therefore fully owned by you, not by us. You can always view your data, even if you no longer want to use uMarketingSuite. A lot of data is collected that, because the data is yours, you can also combine with data that you already have. By means of, for example, PowerBI you can generate a complete overview of your visitors.

In addition to A/B testing, or in the case of uMarketingSuite a multi variant test, uMarketingSuite also has personalization, Analytics and profiling. More information about these topics can be found on our website.

Are you looking for an alternative to Google Optimize and do you have an Umbraco platform? Do not hesitate and contact us via info@umarketingsuite.com.  We are happy to tell you more about how uMarketingSuite can work for you to get the most out of your Umbraco platform. We can give you advice for your situation.

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