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Product update - Profiles


After working in the last couple of versions mainly on fine-tuning the current features we are proud to introduce the long awaited feature Profiles. Next to the Profiles feature we also polished our start page so you gain direct insights in how your site is performing.

Don't want to wait? Go to Our Umbraco or install the package via NuGet.


In the new section Profiles it is possible to see what you visitor do and have done on your website.
You will see the total number of profiles (unidentified & identified), new profiles and of course the profile growth of the last year. 

If you scroll a little bit down you will find the actual profiles. If it is an identified profile you will find for example first name + last name or email address. You will see the number of sessions, pageviews and the number of goals reached and the corresponding total goal value.

Are you curious about a certain profile, just click on Show profile and you will see the screen below:


You can see the profile statistics like first session, last activity and when the visitor became an identified member.

Curious how this visitor or member is active and engaged on your site? Use the Profile potential graph to get a quick inside.

The new Profile feature is tightly integrated with the Personalization engine so you see directly in which journey the visitor or member is in or which persona is applied.

Next to the above functionality of the Profile feature you can also track individual activity in a GDPR compliant way. Just hit the Activity tab within Profiles and you will see all activity of that specific visitor or member.
uMarketingSuite will highlight if this visitor is in a A/B test or if the Personalization engine is active for that specific visitor or member.


Start page

We have polished the start page of the uMarketingSuite so you will get a quick insight in what is happening on your site. We also added direct links to our Youtube and LinkedIn channel.

New functionality

The following functionality is included in the latest release:

Bugfixes / improvements

If you find any bugs? Please report them to us on Github: https://github.com/uMarketingSolutions/uMarketingSuite

Obtaining a license

Check out our pricing page on uMarketingSuite.com for a complete overview of the available bundles and pricing. Interested in becoming a uMarketingSuite partner with a lot of partner benefits? Go to our partner page.

What is next?

In the next sprint we will be working on:

  • Content tree uMarketingSuite icons
  • Content App uMarketingSuite icons
  • Improved Google Analytics and Tag Manager bridge
  • Umbraco 9 research
  • Cockpit improvements
  • And a lot more....


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