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Product update: November 2022


Date: November 2022

In the uMarketingSuite 1.20.2, 1.20.3 and 1.20.3 we have focused on improvements of the current functionality. In the background major developments are taking place on the to be released Reporting features.

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Bugfixes / improvements in uMarketingSuite 1.20.2, 1.20.3 and 1.20.4


  • Bugfix: Security fix Cockpit XSS
  • Bugfix: Some bots trigger goal completions
  • Bugfix: Custom goal completions won't update profile


  • Bugfix: Number of variants in back office tree + content app does not take culture into account
  • Bugfix: Scrollbar not visible at the top by unscored campaigns
  • Bugfix: Page variants (A/B test or personalization) no longer contain the friendly name from uMarketingSuite
  • Bugfix: Styling Save button incorrect
  • Bugfix: ContentApp icons broken
  • Bugfix: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'IX_uMarketingSuitePersonalizationVisitorSegmentSettings'
  • Bugfix: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'category', table 'umbraco-database-prod.dbo.uMarketingSuiteAnalyticsPageEvent'
  • Bugfix: Azure SQL exception regarding column store indexes
  • Bugfix: Profiles last visitor is no longer chronological
  • Bugfix: Goal setup with asterisk (*) breaks


  • Bugfix: The pageview collection is more stable and reliable
  • Bugfix: The core-segment end-time has been fixed
  • Bugfix: The flush rate of records has been fixed.
  • Added Readme.me

If you find any bugs? Please report them to us on Github: https://github.com/uMarketingSolutions/uMarketingSuite

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Obtaining a license

Check out our pricing page on uMarketingSuite.com for a complete overview of the available bundles and pricing. Interested in becoming a uMarketingSuite partner with a lot of partner benefits? Go to our partner page.

What is next?

  • Reporting for Personalization
  • Improved reporting for Analytics
  • Support for Google Analytics 4

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