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Product update July 2020


This is the July product update for the uMarketingSuite, the marketing suite for Umbraco. A short overview about what is in the uMarketingSuite 1.2 release and a look foward to the next release.


Would you like to download it directly? Go to Our Umbraco or download the new package in the NuGet feed



New features in uMarketingSuite 1.2



The new tab Personalization is available in the uMarketingSuite.


Referral scoring

In the Referral scoring section within the Personalization tab it is possible to setup Referral groups. You can assign referral url's and a score for the personas and journey steps.


Digital Analytics - Referral traffic


Curious where you visitors are coming from? Use the new Referral traffic tab within de Analytics section in uMarketingSuite.



If you would like to know which exact path the visitor is coming from you can click on the domain and it will show you all exact paths.



Foundation for Search term tracking


In this release the foundation has been build for tracking internal site search. You can already see this part in the Settings -> Configuration section. If you enable and configure this functionality all internal site searches will be tracked and stored. This data will be visualized in a later release of uMarketingSuite.



A/B testing - Splitview


Unfortunately the Umbraco 8.7 release will not be released in July (see the Umbraco Product Update here). For the A/B testing splitview functionality it is necessary to run Umbraco 8.7. With a little bit of luck the Splitview A/B testing functionality will be in the September release of uMarketingSuite.







Pricing discount extended


Our pricing discount is extended to September 1st. Purchase now, enjoy the introduction price for as long as the license is running and still receive all the updates! Call it a 'first mover advantage', but we do really appreciate if you have confidence in the product.




Looking for documentation? Please check out https://documentation.umarketingsuite.com/.
Much has to be added and expanded, but you will find that a lot of information is already there.



What is next....?


In the current sprint, that is scheduled to be released in August, we are working on the following features:

  • Personalization - Segmentbuilder (Design and UX)
  • Personalization - Segment based on implicit (Persona, Journey) and explicit data (Device, Browser, Time of day)
  • Digital Analytics - Tab Browsers
  • Digital Analytics - Tab Device Type
  • General UX improvements



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