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Product update June 2020


Hi and welcome to the first public available product update for the uMarketingSuite, the marketing suite for Umbraco. We will give you an overview what is in the new uMarketingSuite 1.1 release and we try to give you some insights in what is coming up in the next release.


Impatient? Go directly to Our Umbraco or download the new package in the NuGet feed



New features in uMarketingSuite 1.1



We have introduced the foundation for the Personalization feature in the 1.1 release.


Customer journeys

It is now possible to setup customer journeys. Out-of-the-box we ship the well known See, Think, Do, Care steps.

If you would like to change the default steps, add new steps or remove a step this is also possible.



Define your own personas in the uMarketingSuite and assign a picture and description so you can use them later to score your content.



Score your content

You can use the created personas and journey steps to score your content which can be used by the personalization engine to show more relevant content.


Digital Analytics - Bots


Get insights in what is happening on your site. How often is Google or Bing visiting your site looking for new content? With the new functionality Bots in the Analytics section you will gain those insights!

Looking for more information? Click on the specific bot and see all the details.


GDPR, Configuration & statistics

Tune your uMarketingSuite setup so it can fulfill all your and your customer needs. It is now possible to anonymize data, clean up data, offload your data processing, fine tune cookie storage and much more!



Curious if your data is already processed and how the performance is? Get insights in the actual status and performance of the uMarketingSuite in the new Settings -> Statistics tab.




Pricing discount extended


Our pricing discount is extended to September 1st. Purchase now, enjoy the introduction price for as long as the license is running and still receive all the updates! Call it a 'first mover advantage', but we do really appreciate if you have confidence in the product.




We also had time to get the documentation website up and running https://documentation.umarketingsuite.com/.
Much has to be added and expanded, but you will find that a lot of information is already there.



What is next....?


In the current sprint, that is scheduled to be released in July, we are working on the following features:

  • Personalization - Segment builder (Design and UX)
  • Personalization - Referral scoring personas and journeys
  • Digital Analytics - Referrers
  • Digital Analytics - Insights in site search
  • AB Testing - Splitview in Content App (depends on Umbraco release 8.7)
  • Settings - Bot and monitoring management
  • And much more ;-)



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