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Product Update: December 2023 - Improved A/B testing and more!


Date: December 2023

In the uMarketingSuite 1.26 a lot of improvements for A/B testing, Analytics and Reporting.

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A/B testing advice more acurate

In the latest update 1.26 of uMarketingSuite, the AB testing module received significant enhancements, providing marketers with more insights. The upgraded module now provides precise estimations on the duration of an AB test, along with the number of visitor and pageviews required to perform a reliable test, enabling more informed decision-making and improved campaign effectiveness.


Bugfixes / improvements

  • Content App - Analytics load 1st time issue
    Fixed the issue related to analytics not loading the first time on the Content App.
  • A/B testing advice optimizations
    Improved advice for A/B testing strategies.
  • AB Test advice sample calculation discrepancy
    Rectifying discrepancies found in the sample calculation for AB test advice.
  • Update Video tracking Analytics script
    Updating the video script tracking in Analytics.
  • Reporting - Skip execution if uMarketingSuite disabled
    Implemented the feature to skip reporting execution when uMarketingSuite is disabled.
  • Remove parentheses if goal completion is 0
    Removed empty parentheses in reporting when goal completion is zero.
  • Disable uMarketingSuite button display issue
    Fixing the display issue with the disable uMarketingSuite button in Configuration.
  • Analytics: Locations Setup Information - Add link
    Adding a link to the setup information in Analytics.
  • Settings - Reporting - Regenerate data button
    Implementing a button to regenerate data in Reporting Settings.
  • Session coverage percentage negative/over 100%
    Resolving issues with session coverage percentage being negative or over 100%.
  • Analytics - Referrals numbers are 0 or low
    Investigating and fixing discrepancies in referral numbers in Analytics (real-time numbers seem higher).
  • Charts filtering issue on initial sub-filtering
    Fixing incorrect chart filtering during the first sub-filtering (Locations, Forms, etc.).
  • Settings - Configuration - Statistics - Adjust queries
    Modifying and refining queries in Statistics Configuration.
  • Umbraco 8 - Incorrect IP Address recorded
    Fixing the issue with incorrect IP address recording in Umbraco 8 instances.

If you find any bugs? Please report them to us on Github: https://github.com/uMarketingSolutions/uMarketingSuite

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What is next?

  • Umbraco Commerce support
  • Umbraco 13 support
  • Personalization improvements

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