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Introducing two new licenses


When we launched the uMarketingSuite we introduced it with three licenses:

  • Dev license: A free license that was a great introduction to all features and possibilities of the uMarketingSuite. It worked for 60 days and worked only on your local environment
  • Analytics license: This license was ideal to start using uMarketingSuite on a production environment. With this license you have access to the Analytics feature of uMarketingSuite which is the foundation of all other features. With this license you could starting collecting data immediately. If you would upgrade your license at a later moment you already had a bulk of data from the past! Ideal to get started.
  • The basic, extended and complete license: These licenses released the full power of the uMarketingSuite and included all the features. You collect analytics data, start A/B testing and personalizing your website.

But we also felt that there was a big gap between the free license and the paid licenses. It was not easy to show the working of the uMarketingSuite to your clients and also not to test it easily on your website. Furthermore you had to start paying for a license even if you were in the development phase of your website and that just didn’t make any sense!

Introducing the demo license

The demo license does everything the dev license does, but has two cool additions:

  • It works one up to three (development) domains so you can test it out and give your clients access to these websites
  • There is no longer a cap on the days the license works. It will work forever
  • In this way the demo license is perfect for demonstrations to new and existing clients. It offers an easy way to inspire them towards the future.

The demo license can be used on development and test domains because it will only process 1,000 pageviews per month. But this amount is great for testing and demonstration purposes to your clients.

The costs of this license is a one-time fee of € 250,-.

Introducing the partner license

Do you want unlimited demo licenses for free? And do you want to help making the uMarketingSuite sustainable? Then we should definitely partner up.

As a partner:

  • You will have direct access to the uMarketingSuite team. We can help you making your plans concrete, answer questions and help you out with pitches for your clients
  • You get direct access to all our partner marketing material that will help you selling it to your customer and implementing it in the best way
  • You will get listed as uMarketingSuite partner on our website.
  • You can generate unlimited demo- & dev-licenses so you can showcase it on each of your websites
  • You get discounts on the listprices
    • On license 1 – 5: 10% discount on the listprice
    • On license 6 – 10: 15% discount on the listprice
    • On license 11 - …: 20%: discount on the listprice

Read all about our partnership on our partnerpage, or sign up directly!

And are you curious who already teamed up with us? You can find all our partners on the partner overview!

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