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Get started with personalization


In the previous blog you could get acquainted with personalization. In short: it is important to show the right information, at the right time and to the right person. So that the conversion on your website increases. We briefly discussed putting together personas, because that's how you reach the right target group! In this blog you can read more about personas and watch the video about setting it up in uMarketingSuite. It will take a half of your day, but it will give you a lot more! We promise, so let's start…

Two questions

We've already talked about it briefly. Not all your content is relevant for all your visitors. If we would be able to divide them in smaller audiences with different interests we would be able to serve them even better. This brings us to the following questions you should be able to answer;

  1. Do you know who your target audiences are?
  2. Do you know what each audience would like to hear from you?

Don’t be worried if you are not able to answer these questions right away. Simply follow the next steps to get started anyway.

Already answered these questions? Then proceed directly to setting up the personas in uMarketing Suite

To make it even easier and more fun – or to do this together with your customer - we created this uMarketingSuite Persona Canvas – Download it for free!

1. How to determine your target audiences

Make a selection of the customers you love to work for. This is the group giving you the most energy, really needing for your help, bringing you further as a company but also the one that makes is possible to pay the bills.

Are you starting your business and you don’t have customers yet? Then try to imagine which companies could or should be your customer for the exact same reasons as mentioned. Or start a lean and mean’ customer needs’ research.

Now have a look at these customers in detail; who are the persons you should connect to or are the ones you should try to convince to work with you? Please try to find two or three important individuals or so called stakeholders within each company. Do this for every customer within your selection.

The next step is to arrange them all by job title. Bring it down to three to six clusters. These clusters represent your target audiences and will be called personas from now on. The only thing left is to attach a sticky name to them. This will make it easier during internal meetings and/or discussions.

You did it; your own company personas!

2. What motivates your personas?

On to the next question… What motivates each persona when doing business with you? You probably have a good idea of that already. Write it down for each persona.

Not sure if you got it right? Simply ask them. Give them a call and make it an open conversation. You will find out that your customer values your attention and interest. Don’t be afraid to finish your conversation with questions like “What can we do for you to make our services even better?”. By doing so, not only will you get the motivation of your personas but also input to improve your product or service. Do this for at least two stakeholders per persona and write down your findings within three to five sentences.

“Not only will you get the motivation of your personas, but also input to improve your product or service”

You have answered the two questions, great job! Time to finish your persona and set it up in uMarketingSuite.

3. Give your persona a face

At this point you have an overview of personas and their motivation, excellent job! Now top it off by giving them a face. The combination of a catchy persona name and a matching image makes it easier and more fun to work with.

You might want to have real photos of people as persona profile pictures. I personally prefer drawn variants. Having a designer within your company makes it possible to really come up with a perfect matching profile picture.

No design capacity available? uMarketingSuite comes with a set of default persona profile images to choose from.

Actual persona that is being used on uMarketingSuite.com

Setting up your Personas within uMarketingSuite

The fun part is here! Now that you have your personas with their catchy names, their motivation and even a profile picture we are ready to set them up within uMarketingSuite. Simply watch this video on our YouTube channel.

The journey has begun

We hope you enjoyed creating your personas. Once you’ve created personas you could start focusing on measuring and creating content for these personas. In our next blog we will share more about this process within uMarketingsuite. In any case, we are happy to explain the steps to you.

If you need help or advice? Contact us! 

Psst… still no uMarketingSuite running on your website? I’ll forgive you. All you need to know about  installing the package and registering a license can be found here

You can also take a look at our documentation page

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