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Boosting sales and Customer Experience for Umbraco Commerce


An e-commerce gamechanger for Umbraco; uMarketingsuite now interacts with Umbraco Commerce data. Recognize returning customers, interact instantly with abandoned shopping carts and unlock order history on Visitor Profile level. 

uMarketingSuite and Umbraco Commerce already made it possible to A/B test and personalize product titles, product information and website content. By doing so, content already became more relevant and optimized for your visitor. 

Read this blog and find out why it is important to be able to interact with customers and how to boost sales using uMarketingSuite in combination with Umbraco Commerce.

70.19% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. What if you were offered one last chance to close the deal?

Research from Baymard Institute based on 49 different studies

Abandoned shopping cart interaction

The percentage of website visitors that put something in their shopping cart and actually close the deal is around 30%. A quick calculation shows you that 233% do not close the deal and leave the website with an abandoned shopping cart.

Did you know that the average conversion rate of an Exit-Intent popup is around 3% to 11% ?

This means that an Exit-Intent popup redirecting leaving visitors to the abandoned shopping cart, could result in around 2,1% (32,1%) to 7,7% (37,7%) less abandoned shopping carts.

🚀This could boost your online sales around 7% to 25,7%🚀
(These may seem as bold figures but Marketers who have applied these techniques know to the contrary)

The new Commerce Segment Parameter 'Has Product(s) in Cart' is now available for building Personalization segments (visitor audiences). You can use it to detect that the visitor has one or more products in the shopping cart. In combination with the Exit-Intent Popup you can interact with leaving visitors with a filled shopping basket.

You now have one last try to put Cialdini's principles into work;

  • Use Authority to convince buyers
    Share a customer review pointing out your excellent service and fast delivery.
  • Use social proof to convince buyers
    You have some of our most popular items in your basket. Are you sure you want to leave now?
  • Use commitment and consistency
    Yes, I want to... or... You are almost done... 
  • Use scarcity to make the items in the cart more exclusive
    The items in your shopping cart might run out due to high demand

62% of visitors engage with nonproduct- or nonorder-related content. Make sure your content is relevant for them.

Direct-to-Consumer Research from Baymard Institute

Recognize your customers

With the use of uMarketingSuite you can now detect a returning visitor as being an existing customer. No need to login first or provide any data. This offers you, as an online shop owner, the opportunity to be more relevant for returning customers. Think of providing content to pro-actively answer customer questions like;

  • How do I track and trace my order?
  • What is the average delivery time?
  • I did not receive an order confirmation email?
  • Can I still change my order?
  • How to return an order?

Actually anything that makes the visitor feel more confident about the purchase is good and can lower canceled orders. You would not wat to show this information above the fold to new customers to scare them off. But for guiding existing customers in their customer experience, this is key.

This is now possible using uMarketingSuite by building a segment on a existing customer within Commerce. You can use this segment to change content, provide extra content or show a popup with 'Are you looking for..." or "Did you know that...".


Visitor Profile Commerce data

All the orders made by a visitor are now tracked and listed on Visitor Profile level. Clicking on an order will display the order values as stored within Umbraco Commerce. This overview gives you a full 360 Visitor Profile view and all the information you will need to be more relevant in your communication with your customer.


Just the beginning

Stay tuned as this is just the beginning of extending Umbraco Commerce with the use of uMarketingSuite. It is becoming more and more important for E-commerce and website owners to not only be GDPR compliant but also to collect first-party data and own your own data (and not share it to other software suppliers).

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