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As a marketer you have a spacious playground, so how do you reach your target group? We at uMarketingSuite know that everyone is unique and that you make the difference if you know how to meet the needs of your visitor. In this blog we take you into the topic of personalizing, what personalization is, why you should personalize and what personas are? Finally, you can read about uMarketingSuite and how this software helps you as a marketer.

What is personalization?
Nowadays we do not have to limit ourselves to one mass message… No, we can adapt our message to the target group and also make the difference per touchpoint in the customer journey. What an outcome, I see you thinking! And so we think about it. In a nutshell, personalization is: offering every visitor a unique and personal message, also known as one-on-one marketing. Providing relevant information at the right time and in the right place.

Why should you choose personalization?
It's actually very simple, just ask yourself. Do you prefer a mass message that may be meaningless to you? No, you want to be triggered. If you get to see the right information in the right place and at the right time, it will suit your needs much better. In short, the conversion on your website will increase; that's why you want to personalize! And being relevant is the fuel for all your future marketing activities. How it works? It starts with doing research about who your target group is, realizing a 360◦ customer view. And based on that you determine personas of your target group.

“Being relevant is the fuel for all your future marketing activities”

A persona is a “type of person" describing your target audience. This is a detailed description. This person has a name and a brief description of his profession and personal situation. Then you go into the needs, problems that your persona wants to have solved or ambitions he has. What purpose does your persona have? And what is he worried about? Ultimately, you create a number of personas for your website that encompasses your target audience. Now the real personalization begins! Because you have summarized your target group in a number of personas, it’s time to connect the content to that.

Personalize and uMarketingSuite
You have composed your personas, now what? uMarketingSuite is the software that will help you implement the personas on your website. uMarketingSuite is designed in such a way that data is used to determine in which persona your visitor belongs. As a marketer you have personalized the content in advance, uMarketingSuite does the rest. The page adapts to the needs of the visitor. The personalization has started!

In the next blog, you can read how personalization works in uMarketingSuite. Don't you want to wait any longer? Download the demo and start immediately!

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