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Time to celebrate: 50k downloads on NuGet!


uMarketingSuite is the all-in-one marketing toobox for Umbraco. Within the Umbraco community we’ve been busy to increase the brand awareness and with success! We are celebrating the 50k downloads mark on NuGet.

More and more companies have decided to join uMarketingSuite helping them to get the most out of their Umbraco platforms. With personalization, A/B testing, profiling and privacy friendly analytics it will become possible to boost the conversion on your website.

We have reached our last milestone at the end of August 2022 and now, less than six months later, we are celebrating our new big milestone: 50K downloads on NuGet! We have doubled the amount of downloads rapidly. uMarketingSuite is getting more and more popular across the globe.

Would you like to start using uMarketingSuite? Install it on your own favorite Umbraco website, book a demo or register a license for uMarketingSuite directly!

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